Leisure activities

Here are a few non-limiting suggestions on what you are likely to see or do 

in the region, in sports, culture or gastronomy, all around the year.

* Dog sleds 

* Horse riding at 11km

* Forest walk on site

* Fishing at 4km

* Saut du Doubs, by boat, on foot, Swiss side or French side

* Nautical activities on the Doubs and its basins (canoeing in summer, ice skate in winter)

* Acrobranche at 6km

* Nautical center (slide, river, sauna, tennis) at 10km

* Ski and ski boots rental, alpine skiing at 6km

* Cross-country skiing in the Franco-Swiss area at 3,5km.

* Hiking and mountain biking possible on site (GR5 at 3km)

* French and Swiss museums (in particular in the field of watchmaking)

* Local, religious and secular architectural heritage

* 1 starred restaurant in the Val de Morteau

* Visits of cheese dairies in comté in the Val de Morteau

* 2 cinemas in Morteau

* Multimedia library in Morteau

We will be happy to guide you more effectively according to your tastes.